It’s an exciting time for you, a time when your dreams can come true.

You will be choosing your wedding venue, your perfect wedding dress and the perfect flowers to accompany them. 

A bespoke wedding bouquet is everything and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you. We understand colour, texture and shape and can incorporate all those into your dream bouquet. Whether it be an elegant compact design or a wild country cottage garden look we can help you choose. Romantic and pretty or daring with bright blousy colour, we love sourcing and then creating your flowers. Flowers for you, your maids, table centres and not forgetting the Groom and his party! 

If you are getting married during the Summer, we have a fantastic local supplier who produces wonderful English cottage garden flowers and is really passionate about what she grows. We also have amazing Dutch suppliers who can source a huge range of flowers and plants. So incorporating the Exotic or wonderful Succulents is no problem at all. You can dare to be different, we love designing bespoke bouquets. 

We all love blowing budgets and want everything on our big day but sometimes it isn't possible. But, we are very clever at creating the look you want using the same colour palette but with slightly different flowers and using them in different ways. For instance, have you thought of not having a Top table arrangement but using your Bouquet and your Bridesmaids bouquets in vases, either grouped or spread out across the table? 

Have a look at our photo gallery and see why we are rated one of the best florist’s in Leeds, not only can we do wonderful flowers but we truly care about what we do, we listen and we are very passionate about our trade. You have so much to do, so let us take the worry out of just one little thing for you.

We have the experience to create your dream look whatever your budget.

For any wedding enquiries please contact us on or call on 0113 2744484. 

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